Operator Safety: 5 Quick Tips

5 Quick Tips: Operator Safety

Accidents are going to happen at your convenience store, tavern, or restaurant; it’s the nature of the beast given the fast-paced environment of these industries. The best way to improve operator safety is to be educated and prepared for these scenarios in order to reduce the severity and frequency of accidents. As an owner, you don’t want operators getting hurt, and you definitely don’t want lost time and wages in your business.

Use these quick tips as a starting point and build upon them for your own Operator Safety.

Operator Safety Tips

  • Education–It is important to educate your operators about the risks and dangers of the workplace, not only as they relate the possible dangers of foodservice equipment, but elsewhere in your building. Make sure that you conduct regular safety meetings and that all safety notices are up to date.
  • Preparation–You aren’t always watching your operators while they work. What would they do if you were not around? Make sure the operators are always prepared for the worst case scenario. This way, under pressure, they will be able to handle almost any situation.
  • Practice–During a monthly safety meeting, go through a few “what if” scenarios. This will give you a good understanding of what they comprehend and what they need to improve upon.
  • Maintenance–It is especially important to give your foodservice equipment regular maintenance in order to prolong the life of roller grills or back-of-house kitchen supplies. Be proactive about potential dangers.
  • Cleanliness–Clean your work area, including countertops, floors, and drawers; all of these spaces should receive attention every day, or in some cases, multiple times a day. For example, put the knife away and clean up spills.

As a c-store owner or manager, it’d be great to get your take on operator safety. Lessons learned? Success stories? Advice for retailers looking to improve their safety practices? We’d love to hear from you.

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