The Perfect Squiggle On Your Hot Dog (Video)

perfect squiggle

Getting that perfect hot dog condiment squiggle, whether it be ketchup or mustard–or both–is a great way to dress up your food, without a lot of effort, before serving it to guests at a party or backyard BBQ. Or maybe you just like a little precision on your dog before you savor that first juicy bite.

Follow along with the short video below to learn just how easy it is. You’ll get the best results using squeeze bottles similar to the ones shown in the video, or you can use the bottles that your condiments came in.

It’s Easy to Get the Perfect Hot Dog Condiment Squiggles

  • Make sure the ketchup or mustard is in the tip of the squeeze bottle nozzle before you start.
  • Starting at one end, make a little twist.
  • Use a simple wrist action to move across the dog, while simultaneously making your way down the length.
  • Finish with another twist.
  • Enjoy.

We’d love for you to tell us about your favorite squeeze bottle condiments with which to make hot dog art in the comments below. 

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