FCI 25th Anniversary Celebration

25th anniversary

Food Concepts was started out of a desire to improve people’s experience with branded foodservice.

Let me set the stage–the year was 1991, George H.W. Bush was president, a stamp cost $0.25, a gallon of gas is $1.09 and a dozen eggs are $0.85.

Brad Duesler decides it is time to quit corporate life and start his own business–Food Concepts, with the goal of bringing a better experience to foodservice customers at convenience stores. With three small children at home and a bed and breakfast business, some might say he was crazy! However, here we are now in 2016 celebrating the 25th anniversary of FCI. What an accomplishment.

Celebration Time

To celebrate this momentous occasion, FCI held a 25th Anniversary celebration for all of the employees at Marcus Cinemas. After enjoying lunch in the Take5 lounge, we were seated in the auditorium for a presentation and video. In true Brad fashion, he wore a classic black polo and jeans.

FCI reached out to all of their wonderfully creative employees to create a logo to commemorate the 25th anniversary. Once they were submitted, the employees voted and the winner was: Brian Binversie. 

25 Years of FCI

Each employee was given a 1991 Silver Eagle dollar mint collectors coin. One of my favorite parts during the day was hearing all of the great stories that other employees shared. From how they were hired or what they enjoy most about working for FCI–it was truly inspiring to sit in that room and be part of such an amazing company.

Everyone that knows Brad knows that he loves making video slideshows for the holiday party each year. It was no surprise that he would make a special anniversary video and it did not disappoint. We got to see video footage and photographs of past office buildings, work spaces, employees and their families, spanning the history of the company.

Looking forward to the next 25!

Then and Now-A Look Back

Let’s see how things stack up from July 1991 to July 2016.

1991 and 2016 infographic


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