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Let me set the stage: it’s Sunday night at 5:00 and I just remembered that I didn’t go grocery shopping this weekend. Oh no–what on earth am I going to whip up for dinner before the kids start cleaning out the snack cabinet?

Hamburgers would be great if I’d thawed the meat in time. Chicken is always a quick meal, but the whole reason I had to go to the store was because I ran out of chicken last night. I can’t be the only one that this happens to, right? Think…. what am I going to do?


It’s a great thing I have 2 frozen pizzas in the deep freeze and an even better thing that I received an amazing pizza oven for Christmas last year.

My family probably eats pizza once a week. Sometimes we do take-out because it’s quick to grab on the way home from work and once a month the local pizza chain gives money back to the school. But most of the time, we have perfectly cooked original and rising crust frozen pizzas at home. Below are a few of the reasons I love mine–and why you should add one to your wish list:

  • Two easy-to-use temperature settings (Low-350°F and High-450°F)
  • Digital display – no cooking mistakes here!
  • Cooks both original crust and rising crust pizzas
  • Timer (goes up to 30 minutes)
  • An easy to clean, removable tray
  • Fits perfectly on the counter during cooking
  • Compact and portable

Endless Possibilities

The pizza oven is not just for pizzas anymore. Cookies, pretzels, sandwiches, frozen breaded shrimp, chicken wings, and hot dogs can be baked to perfection every time. You can even do pies in these things!

It may seem odd to purchase a pizza oven when anyone can cook pizza in a regular conventional oven. One of my favorite reasons I was sold on was the portability. We bring it with us wherever we go! When we go camping up north–where there is no oven–we can still feed our family multiple hot food options. Another great reason is when a single oven is not enough when there is a room full of hungry football fans that want to eat at the same time.

Top Rated

The Wisco Digital Pizza Oven was ranked in the top 5 of the 10 Best Home Pizza Ovens Reviewed 2016 by AmaTop10.

Have a few difficult people on your shopping list this year? Order one for you and a couple more as gifts.

Even better, is currently offers the Wisco 425C Digital Pizza Oven & Cutter Kit for only $89.95! But hurry… I might buy them all for my family!

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