5 Quick Tips: Preparing for Winter Weather and Travel

5 Quick Tips for Winter Travel Safety

We were lucky with a very mild November and then bam–that winter weather hit unexpectedly and quickly! Try as you might, it’s impossible to 100% ready for that first winter storm. From needing gas for the snow blower and loading up on windshield washer fluid, having a convenience store  just down the road can sure make life easier when the snow finally arrives.

Review your inventory and make sure your store is fully stocked with all of the day-to-day essentials, but don’t forget during this winter to have the following items readily available for your customers, especially with seasonal and holiday travel upon us.

  • Grocery staplesmilk, eggs, bread, water. Inevitably, a consumer is going to forget to grab a few necessities while doing their regular grocery shopping. Make their life easier by being stocked up with bread, milk and eggs so they can grab them while also filling up their tank on the way home from work.
  • Winter Salt or Sand. Winter salt or ice melt is perfect for at home use. Consider selling a ‘pet and kid’ friendly version also. Winter sand can be beneficial to help with traction if a driver gets stuck.
  • Fire Wood. Fire wood bundles are easily stacked outside, yet extremely visible to customers. A quick and easy grab and go purchase for those customers who rely on a wood furnace or those who just want to enjoy a nice warm fire.
  • Coffee. The weather is cold and customers are going to want to warm up with a nice hot  coffee. Coffee bars look most appealing when they are fully stocked and offer personalization of beverages. Seasonal LTO flavors will surely perk up your customers’ morning.
  • Automotive Items. Just a few of the automotive items to have on hand during the winter months include gas-line anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, and car batteries. Don’t forget about gas cans–always safe to have an empty spare in the trunk.

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