Super Bowl. Super Party. Super Dog.

Super Toppings

As I prepare for my next big gathering–Super Bowl Sunday–I’m left trying to figure out the best food to serve to a crowd of people that can be ready when individual people want to eat. You know what hit me as the best customizable food option? Hot Dogs and Bratwurst with the largest toppings bar you can imagine.

Hot Dog Preparations

Hot dogs and brats can be grilled, baked, boiled, fried, or microwaved. However, none of those options offer the ability to keep them warm until people are ready to eat. That’s why I love to use a hot dog roller grill when we have a large group of people over.

Make sure to purchase the right products for your roller grill–you can’t purchase just any regular hot dogs or bratwursts because they could fall through the rollers or the shape could affect the heating process. Read more about roller grill operation here.

Toppings Bar Preparations

Start by thinking about your guests and what toppings might be appropriate for them. Younger kids are going to want the basic ketchup and mustard; but older party-goers may be a little more adventurous. Throw caution to the wind and go for it. Let your guests create their own Super Dog. Take it one step further and leave out recipe cards–when someone creates an amazing combination, write it down so it can be recreated next year!

I always like to prepare as much as possible ahead of party time. Slicing and dicing can be time consuming and not something I like to do when people are already coming in the door. But remember to avoid prepping early the vegetable that will wilt or turn brown–avocados. Read more here about preparing difficult vegetables.

Topping Ideas

In celebration of the AFC and NFC Championship games this weekend; I took a note from Hebrew National and Mashable to pull the last 4 teams fighting for a spot and a hopeful win in Super Bowl LI. All of these ideas can be easily repurposed for use at a convenience store, as well!

Green Bay Packers

Cooked cabbage, brown mustard, cheese curds

Atlanta Falcons

Pile of coleslaw, a dab of meatless chili, and a smattering of mustard, ketchup and onions

Pittsburgh Steelers

Hoagie-style bun, mustard, meatless chili

New England Patriots

Potato roll, mustard, relish

Super Dog Winner

Take a poll at your party for the best Super Dog creation. Share with us your great ideas and they might be featured on the blog!

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