Convenience Store Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring officially began on March 20th. It may not look like spring where you live, but here it’s very clear by the wet and muddy mess everywhere.

You’ve heard of spring cleaning your house; now lets talk about spring cleaning your convenience store.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is much more prevalent in areas that have cold winters. Why? Because these areas have to deal with snow, slush, sand, and salt remnants from the winter–all of which can take a toll on the condition of a c-store. along with Cintas Corp. share 7 steps to get your store shining for spring: [Read the entire article here]
  1. Exterior doors. Spring is messy and front doors will see the majority of the ‘first touch’ mess. Wipe them down thoroughly and check all the components to make sure they function properly.
  1. Floors. Hopefully your c-store is busy and has lots of foot traffic. If that is the case, your floors will show it. Floors should get daily attention, so when spring cleaning time comes around, spend a little extra time to make them shine. CSD reports that proper cleaning can double the life of your flooring.
  1. Glass, Awnings, Displays. First impressions are key. Spring cleaning should include interior and exterior glass, awnings that may have taken a beating during the harsh winter and interior displays should be cleared off, cleaned and re-stocked.
  1. Declutter. Now is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted and unused supplies. CSD also suggests removing “all old or expired products, including cleaning chemicals, dirty mop heads and other equipment that is no longer in use. Consider using chemical dispensing systems with a weekly top-off service to help keep these areas clean in the future.”
  1. Floor mats. Floor mats may vary from store to store depending on your c-store location. No matter the type of floor mat, give them some seasonal attention. If you can “partner with a matting provider” to reduce mat maintenance and ensure they always look their best.
  1. General Maintenance. Spring offers a great opportunity to review your store–replace damaged tiles (floor or ceiling) and touch up paint that may be chipping or has been scuffed off your walls from regular wear and tear.
  1. Emergency Contact List. Now is a great time to review emergency procedures, protocols and contacts.

Spring Selling

Spring cleaning doesn’t only have to be about cleaning the store; it can also mean cleaning up inventory and increasing financial gain.
  • Have an end of season sale to sell off winter products instead of storing them for next season.
  • Seasonal marketing strategies that are aimed to promote new products can increase awareness and profits.

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