Catering A Graduation Party–Yourself (& Gifts!)

Graduation Party & Gifts

While plenty of sites can offer you great ideas for your graduation party decorations and games, you’ll also want to consider the refreshments aspect of your party.

Though you might think of foodpros as your source for more commercial and business-oriented foodservice needs, we also offer plenty of appliances and smallwares that are great for regular consumer kitchen use–and parties.

Graduation Party Supplies

You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of glassware and dispensers for keeping your guests full of lemonade or iced tea and cocktails. If you think your bartending skills are limited to pouring things into a glass and you want to impress your guests, it never hurts to try cocktails with things that have been muddled–fool them into thinking you’ve got those 80’s Tom Cruise skills.

Quartet Rocks Glasses (12 oz; case of 12) available on

Quartet Rocks Glasses (12 oz; case of 12) available on

How you present your food is another important thing to consider. Do you go classic backyard plastic baskets or a more updated look in ceramic platters? Whichever direction you choose, make sure that you match it to the rest of your décor.

popcorn maker might seem a bit extravagant, but it’s a great idea for parties. Popcorn can work as both a cocktail hour appetizer or as a great snack for later in the evening as well. And once you have it, you can loan it out to friends for their parties and events.

High School Graduation Gifts

Heading to the dorms might be an intimidating experience; help your recent graduate get started in the new “big pond” of college with gifts that will actually be useful in their dorm.

  • Her dorm probably won’t have room a regular oven, but a versatile counter top pizza oven can be a great addition to any room. The compact footprint of a pizza oven is great for small spaces, and the closed-style means they’re not just for pizza–cookies, sandwiches, hot dogs, pies, or pretzels can all be baked to perfection in most models.
  • Or for students who’ll have access to an oven, a pizza screen (so that he doesn’t make a mess in that oven with all that melty cheese) would make a great gift as well.

University Graduation Gifts

Moving from school to the “real world” can be a difficult transition–job hunting, apartment hunting, trying to keep that “work-life balance” once they have a job. Help your new college graduate out with gifts that can prepare them to settle into their new home that doesn’t include 7 roommates.

  • Dinnerware is a great gift to help him move from paper plates to real plates. Stylish 21st century plates paired with a similar glassware make a great gift.
  • Just because she’s graduated from dorm life to living on her own doesn’t mean her new place will include an oven (stranger things have happened). Consider a more robust upgrade from the versatile pizza oven to an actual convection oven–that fits on a counter top.

It’d be great to get your take on how you’ve used our products for your events (business). Success stories? Advice for others? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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