Roller Grill Cleaning: 5 Quick Tips

5 Quick Tips: Roller Grill Cleaning

As a convenience store, tavern or restaurant owner, it is key to highlight moneymaker products. Maximize your sales by creating an appetizing presentation of your hot dogs, taquitos, or sausages on the roller grill; regular roller grill cleaning will help ensure an inviting display is ready for your customers, and is vital to your success as an operator.

Use these quick tips as a starting point for your roller grill cleaning. Always reference the manual for additional procedures and to avoid any possible safety concerns.

Roller Grill Cleaning

  • Cool Down–Always remember to unplug and allow cool down time before you begin to do any roller grill cleaning. To be cautious, always wear gloves to avoid burns.
  • Remove Debris–Start with a dry rag and wipe away any excess debris. Use a soft damp cloth and mild detergent to wipe down each roller.
  • Avoid Abrasive Materials or Powders–Remember to only use a mild detergent. Abrasive materials or powders will damage the coating on the rollers.
  • Wipe Towards Center–While wiping down each roller, wipe from the end and work towards the center. Never wipe towards the end, as this will cause grease and particles to get into the bearings and may damage the mechanics.
  • Don’t Forget the Exterior Components–Throughout daily operation, wipe down the exterior of the grill; including the knobs to keep an appetizing, clean presentation. Don’t forget to clean the sneeze guard–finger prints aren’t attractive.

As a c-store owner or manager, it’d be great to get your take on roller grill cleaning. Even quicker tips? Advice for retailers looking to improve their cleaning habits? We’d love to hear from you.

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2 comments on “Roller Grill Cleaning: 5 Quick Tips
  1. Hilary Simmons says:

    I’m wondering how you clean it if it seems to have some burnt on? We are wiping them down but they still look dirty. Any tips would be great!

    • Eric Beining says:

      Hilary – We’ve recently started offering a Roller Grill Cleaning Pad and Holder; it’s scrubby surface should suffice to help you remove the burnt-on residue. You can find it by searching for FP-RGCLEAN-KIT on

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