Enhance Foodservice Merchandising: 5 Quick Tips

5 Quick Tips Foodservice Merchandising

Foodservice merchandising encompasses many aspects of your foodservice operation within convenience stores, small restaurants and bars. From food warming and serving cabinets to customizable signage solutions–are you doing all you could be to enhance foodservice merchandising and increase profits?

Foodservice Merchandising Tips

  • Signage–Make sure you clearly identify the products you sell. Whether done with a menu board for soup offerings or with tag IDs directly on a grill, make sure your customers know exactly what they are buying.
  • Reduce Clutter–Let the product be the center of attention. Reduce overcrowded and unorganized countertops so shoppers are not left feeling overwhelmed; condiment organizers will help with this. Cleanliness goes a long way towards returning customers.
  • Cross-Merchandise–Great products can sell themselves without advertising; utilize cross-merchandising to create hype over newer or higher profit products. An easy way to cross-merchandise products is putting chips right by the roller grill; or donuts and pastries alongside the hot beverage service area (offer “make it a combo” discounts!).
  • In-Store Sampling–Have you considered how sampling can increase sales? Look beyond the “free doesn’t make me money” concept and check out Andy’s blog post: Untapped Potential of Free Samples for C-Stores
  • Invest in Displays–Display products beautifully without sacrificing quality. A great merchandising display should appeal to customers’ appetites upon seeing it, with rich product photography creating visual interest as well. foodpros.com offers a variety of great merchandising displays with customization available for graphics as well as menu strips.

As a c-store, restaurant, bar or tavern owner or manager, it’d be great to get your take on merchandising. Do you have any success stories about how proper foodservice merchandising has benefited you? We’d love to hear from you.

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