Back to School, Sports, and Concession Stands

"Back to Concessions"

If you told me right now that I needed to be getting my son ready for kindergarten in fall, I would laugh in your face! It’s only July 20 and I have plenty of time–joke’s on me. I just went to Target and did my usual dash to the back corner looking for fun, clearance summer stuff and what did I find? School supplies! Panic attack. First, because I am going to have a son in kindergarten at the big school! And second, because where are all of the clearance garden items I needed?

The panic attack subsided when I found the perfect outdoor grilling set for my husband at a steal.

But, that doesn’t fix how this back to school thing crept up on me. I am truly excited for my son. It’s going to be an amazing experience for him and I can’t wait to get involved in parent organizations, sporting events, and fundraising. Growing up with two older sisters, my family spent of plenty of time sitting in school gyms and outdoor tracks relying heavily on concession stands to get us through the day. The even better benefit is that school fundraising groups that rely on money to fund their programs run many of these concession stands.

I have the perfect thing for that, too.

Make sure your organization’s concession stand is prepped and ready for the back to school crowds (and all year long) with

Concession Stands

Busy parents and families on the go need concessions and has options to keep the busy crowds fed!

Get the concession stand supplies you need from the actual pros. We offer concession equipment such as snack warmers to keep things hot, pizza ovens to cook up pizza, cookies, or sandwiches, popcorn poppers, and commercial deep fryers (even counter top units). There’s even bar supplies and kitchen gadgets to help you offer a broader range of items to your customers.

Popular Concession Stand Items

A quick Google search can tell you what the most popular concession stand items are, but you still need to get the equipment in your hands to make those things. And we can help!

  • Popcorn
    Fresh, buttery popcorn is always a favorite; and it takes very little man-power to make a batch and turn a profit. Highlight your tasty popcorn at your concession stand with an illuminated popcorn popper full of freshly popped kernels, it’ll be sure to help drawer customers to your stand.
  • Roller Grill Items
    A multitude of items can be prepared and kept warm on a roller grill during operation–from hot dogs, brats, taquitos, corn dogs, eggs rolls, even breakfast sausages (for those early games). Get your roller grill and other hot dog equipment here.
  • Beverages (Coffee, Tea and Soda)
    2.5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser

    2.5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser

    No matter the weather, drinks are an absolute must at a concession stand. Have the coffee hot and the water cold to keep those fans hydrated.

  • Pre-Packaged Items (Candy, Granola Bars or Fruit)
    Parents and kids alike enjoy quick and easy grab and go items. Easily display these items with baskets.
  • Pizza
    Pizza is easy to make, and it practically sells itself. A quick profit can be made with pizza ovens and heated display cabinets.

It is important to also highlight your products with proper merchandising techniques. Check out more on quick and easy ways to merchandiser here.

As a consumer, we’d love for you to tell us about your go-to concession stand item. If you are a parent working hard for fundraising efforts, let us know which items sell the best.

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