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foodpros FoodService Wrap Up is our monthly recap of important foodservice news posts from some of the most trusted names in the industry. You’ll find a brief snippet of the original to tantalize you; click through to read the whole post on the original site.

August Foodservice News Wrap Up

If your c-store is located in or around a college town, you will want to read EatStreet reports as the most ordered items and toppings for a variety of foods, including point out that the 10:00pm to 11:00pm hour has the highest percentage of food ordering for overnight. Reading about the report–including the cool infographic they put together–at Convenience Store Decisions will give you a starting point to review and edit your menu accordingly and make sure you are fully prepared for the new school year.

August 22, 2016 | What’s on the Menu for College Students this Year?

EatStreet has released a new report, Student’s Back-to-School Ordering Habits, to help foodservice operators to ensure that they are carrying what students want this school year. From crazy combos to critically important news that finally puts the ranch versus bleu cheese debate to rest, EatStreet has revealed crucial information on the ordering habits of college students. [Keep reading at]

Convenience stores—historically—have had a ‘junk-food’ stigma. CSP Daily News reports with a new study that is a big win for C-stores. The leader of the study, Ruopeng An, says “It is true that supermarkets also are the largest source of healthy food, but we can’t be naive and think that people only purchase healthy food from supermarkets.” Read more of the study below.

August 12, 2016 | Report Finds Most Junk Food Purchased at Grocery Stores

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – Five years after being chastised for being a source of unhealthy food choices, the convenience-store industry got a reprieve this week in the form of a new study that shows most junk food is purchased at grocery stores. [Keep reading at]

Consumers expect more out of your hot dog program; including healthier options and chicken-based products. Convenience Store Products shares 7 new hot dog and sausage varieties that may resonate with your customer base: breakfast options, roller products, chips, and chicken.

August 11, 2016 | Dogs Gone: 7 Ways to Sell Sausages in C-Stores

You’ve worked hard to cultivate both your refrigerated hot dog fare and roller-grill options, all with an emphasis on freshness, healthiness, innovation and quality. And now, even more reinforcements have landed in the hot dog and sausage camp. [Keep reading at]

Rising Sales–it’s what every c-store retailer wants to hear. According to Convenience Store News, 9 in 10 chain retailers expect their 2016 sales to rise. Of the operators who took part in the study, 92.9 percent reported an increase in the foodservice category since 2015. What’s caused this? Increased quality of foodservice, new menu items, expanded fresh food offerings, and overall value.

August 3, 2016 | C-store Retailers Report Steady Heat in Foodservice

NATIONAL REPORT – Convenience stores are no longer a place to pick up packaged snacks and beverages, with foodservice programs tacked on as an afterthought. C-stores are now a foodservice destination. Industry retailers have been saying this for years, but the last 12 months proved it beyond a doubt, according to the 2016 Convenience Store News Foodservice Study. [Keep reading at]

Time to take advantage! Lunch traffic slowing down at restaurants is due to “increased competition” across other channels; including food trucks, grocery stores and convenience stores. It’s time to look at your foodservice offerings and demand more for your customers. CSP Daily News reports that more than a quarter (29%) of consumers say that they would purchase lunch from convenience stores more often if the foodservice items were higher quality.

August 1, 2016 | Lunch Traffic Slows Down at Restaurants

CHICAGO – With more foodservice options available to them than ever before, consumers are visiting traditional restaurants less often for lunch. According to a recent Technomic study on the lunch day-part, there’s a traffic slowdown happening at restaurants in the middle of the day–and convenience stores are capitalizing. [Keep reading at]


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