Achieving Better In-Store Bakery


Is your convenience store capitalizing on the current bakery trends?

In-Store Bakery Market

According to the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA), “the in-store bakery market will reach $18.4 billion in sales by 2020, a 45% increase over its 2010 performance and 22% ahead of 2015’s total sales.”

Eric Richard, education coordinator for IDDBA says that today’s shoppers are looking for “healthier, fresh, and single-serve options, to ethnic-influenced and indulgent products.” He adds that “in-store bakeries can become a destination for not only traditional bakery department shoppers, but those looking for products that fit their lifestyles.” Convenience Store Decisions reports that IDDBA “noted that the channels garnering the greatest share of the in-store bakery market are convenience stores and Starbucks.”

Bakery Merchandising

A well-stocked, well-maintained bakery display helps convenience stores compete not only with other convenience stores but also with bigger competitors such as quick-serve chains and bakery-cafes. Prairie City Bakery along with CSP Daily News shares a few of the best practices for building a better bakery cases in How to Build and Maintain the Optimal Bakery Case Solution:

  • Keep “pretty” items on top. Seems simple enough, place the most eye-catching times where they will be seen. Look at the display as your customers would.
  • Keep good variety all day long. Make sure you are appealing to all of your customers. Place the top sellers front and center, especially during high-traffic times.
  • Keep cases stocked. Empty cases may seem like a good thing; because the product is selling, but no customer wants to buy the last item in a case. Be sure to re-stock display cases frequently.
  • Keep bakery cases clean. Present a high-quality product in a clean and presentable display case. Take time out of the day to remove smudges.

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Bakery Placement

Location, Location, Location. Foodservice expert, Maurice P. Minno, shared with Convenience Store News some insights on the best bakery placement:

  • Next to, near, or on the way to the coffee service area. Coffee and bakery go together like gangbusters, make it easier for your customer to buy both by putting one on the way to the other, or next to each other.
  • Next to, near, or at the checkout counter. Fresh bakery makes a great impulse buy; place a case or rack with delicious treats near the register, and watch them fly out the door.
  • “Welcoming Tables” Located Inside the Store’s Front Entrance. Welcoming tables at the entrance are a great merchandising technique to display appropriately sized bakery cases. Draw the customer in by offering samples–read more here.

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