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foodpros FoodService Wrap Up is our monthly recap of important foodservice news posts from some of the most trusted names in the industry. You’ll find a brief snippet of the original to tantalize you; click through to read the whole post on the original site.

November Foodservice News Wrap Up

According to the research firm Mintel, “In 2017 and beyond, expect to see more of the unexpected — including fruit snacks made with ugly fruit, and mayonnaise made with the liquid from draining chickpeas, which has been dubbed aquafaba.” It is always important to be prepared for the what’s next in business–thanks to Convenience Store News and global food and drink analyst Jenny Zegler, they share the top six trends for 2017.

November 18, 2016 | Six Food & Drink Trends That Will Define 2017

CHICAGO — When it comes to the food and beverages market, research firm Mintel has predicted 2017 will be characterized by extremes, from “ancient” products — including grains, recipes, practices and traditions — to the use of technology to create more and better-tasting plant-enhanced foods. [Read more at]

Millennials, Millennials, Millennials – it seems they are driving everything these days, but did you really think that they would have an impact on food packaging? It appears they do! Millennials look for food that is convenient, less time-intensive, tamper-evident and food safe. According to Lynn Dyer, FPI‘s president, “The increasing communication and collaboration between the supply chain partners will result in the continued evolution of the foodservice packaging industry to better support the needs of foodservice operators and their customers — no matter who they are today and in the future,”

November 15, 2016 | How Millennials Are Changing Food Packaging

Environmentally-friendly, sustainable, recyclable and compostable packaging are moving mainstream and Millennial influence may have a lot to do with it. [Read more at]

Want a truly amazing statistic and article teaser: “CNBC reported that sales have reached $45 billion dollars in the U.S. this year (up from $38.5 billion in 2015) and that consumers eat 350 slices every second.” WOW, that is a lot of pizza being devoured every second! Make sure your c-store is benefiting from this growing category – buy all your pizza products at

November 11, 2016 | Pizza Still Piping Hot

With its easy-to-eat format and versatility that enables it to showcase both tried-and-true and trending ingredients and flavor profiles, pizza remains a top pick for consumers seeking a satisfying snack or full meal. [Read more at]

Is  your c-store properly capitalizing on your roller grill? “A roller grill is a good way to start a foodservice business,” said David Bishop, managing partner for Balvor, a Barrington, Ill.-based sales and marketing practice. Make sure the roller grill is properly cleaned, fully-loaded and the fixings are within close proximity.

November 11, 2016 | Just How They Roll

The roller grill is more than a gateway, though. It’s also one of the most identifiable parts of a convenience store, separating it from a grocery, dollar or drug store, said Jeff Lenard, vice president of strategic industry initiatives for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). [Read more at]

The International Foodservice Manufactures Association (IFMA) held their 54th annual Presidents Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. With more than 550 attendees throughout the industry gathering together, these three insights stood out the most:

November 8, 2016 | 3 Foodservice Insights From the IFMA Conference

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Food at home continues to grow, driving the need to keep a focus on the “service” in foodservice, restaurateurs were told at the 54th annual IFMA (International Foodservice Manufacturers Association) Presidents Conference this week in Scottsdale. [Read more at]

“Convenience store consumers, just like restaurant diners and grocery shoppers, are looking for food without additives; food that is natural, organic and “real;” as well as low-calorie items, according to Technomic’s 2016 Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report.” Don’t forget that younger consumers and women are the driving force behind the fresh food push.

November 7, 2016 | 5 Ways to Amp Up Food Sales

There’s a sure-fire way to boost food sales to capture today’s convenience-store consumer. And it can be summed up in one word: Fresh. Some 56% of consumers overall and 67% of millennials say c-stores are just as capable as restaurants at offering fresh food and beverages, according to Technomic. [Read more at]

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