5 Quick Tips: Convenience Store Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day and of those that do celebrate, there are varying degrees of gift giving–including the impromptu, last-minute gift purchased on the way to a date are just as likely as the well-thought-out gifts. That doesn’t mean that a last-minute gift can’t be just as special as a planned one.
To help make sure your customers don’t fail their sweethearts, here are 5 gift ideas to be stocked up on for that special day.

Convenience Store Gift Ideas

  • Fresh flowers. An easy way to make sure your customers have a visually pleasing gift to give is to offer something as simple as fresh flowers–even if you only offer them for the week of Valentine’s Day.
  • Greeting cards. A rack of greeting cards doesn’t have to take up too much space, and it can still offer a good variety of cards for various occasions–keep cards on trend; and if the insides are blank, its less pigeon-holed.
  • Lottery tickets. Customers might not think to give these, but they make a great fun gift; if a customer is purchasing something else (such as flowers), suggest adding lottery tickets to help make it more special–their significant other just might win big.
  • Fresh bakery treats. Giving the gift a freshly made bakery treats can really make someone’s day, and by offering these items to your customers, you’re saving them time (and clean up) at home. Even donuts in the morning can be a simple treat for the special day.
  • Chocolate. A Valentine’s Day no brainer –always sell chocolate. The more chocolate the better.
Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about spouses and significant others.  According to CStoreDecisions.com, “This year’s survey found consumers plan to spend an average $85.21 on their significant other/spouse, $26.59 on other family members such as children or parents, $6.56 on children’s classmates/teachers, $6.51 on friends, $4.27 on co-workers, and $4.44 on pets.” Make sure that your store has a variety of options available.

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