ImageTrak: Versatile Tool for C-Store Displays


ImageTrak is a proprietary design, manufactured and offered exclusively by Food Concepts, Inc, operator of ImageTrak rail is a convenient multi-purpose solution to securely hold signs, digital displays, and more.

See examples of ImageTrak in use, and learn more about the specifics of ImageTrak rail in the video below.

General signage uses include attaching items to the front, such as a coin–an additional piece that stands off the ImageTrak to help draw customers’ attention–to show a company or brand logo, or a coin that includes text to act as an identifier for an area of the store, or what’s inside a cooler door below the sign. Coins attach to the rail using hanging brackets. These brackets are just one of the accessories available to flesh out the installation.

You can also hang menu boards or racks from the bottom edge of the rail, converting it into a full-fledged menu or merchandising area.

ImageTrak is available in standard lengths of 4′, 6, or 8′ in either 5″ high aluminum or 8″ high PVC; custom lengths can also be ordered.

It’s easily installed with a few simple tools, most importantly are a tape measure, a pencil, a level, and a power drill. The power drill is required as you’ll need to drill through the back of the ImageTrak to mount it to the wall.

Available accessories for ImageTrak rail including hanging brackets, which will allow you to hang displays from the rail, and inserts that are available in a variety of standard colors and finishes; these inserts complete the look of the front face of the ImageTrak, keeping any power cables or AV cords hidden from view. Custom finishes can be ordered to match the décor of your store.

End caps are the final touch for most installations; each end cap simply attaches to the exposed ends of the rail with two screws, giving it that last bit of polish, while also ensuring that any inserts you’ve used stay in place. If installing multiple segments along a wall, just put one end cap on the furthest end of the completed rail.

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