Employee Hiring Strategies for Convenience Stores

Convenience Store Hiring Strategies

What is the first word that comes to mind when I say Convenience Store? It probably isn’t employee. The truth is–a c-store would not be able to be successful without the employees showing up to work each and every day.

Employees are the face of your convenience store. As with any business operation, it is important to make sure that your employees are happy. Employee happiness translates into better customer service which in turn translates into better profits.

What makes an employee happy? Think outside the money box. It’s not always the per hourly rate that impresses employees. A higher wage, but limited hours and no benefits does not sound as appealing as full-time employment, health and personal benefits. Find out what it is your employees are seeking to further benefit your convenience store operations, employee recruitment, and retention.

Employee Recruiting and Retention

What is it that you look for when hiring a new employee and how do you keep that employee for the long haul?

The following Tips to Attract and Retain Quality C-Store Employees is taken directly from Quantum Services:

  1. Attract Talent
    1. Raise Starting Wages – In order to attract the best talent, consider offering slightly higher than average wages. Research has shown that higher wages attract more capable and productive workers and improves customer service.
    2. Look to other similar markets – Retail and fast food are just a few of the industries to consider. People who already have a job and want a better once are motivated to advance their career.
    3. New recruiting methods – Mobile device usage is increasing exponentially every day. Your application process must work on multiple devices and be easy for candidates to find and fill out.
  2. Retain Talent
    1. Benefits and Perks-There is no doubt that wages are important; however, there are other ways to reward valued employees besides raises/ Offering benefits such as paid time off, health benefits or performance incentives are a tangible way to show employees that they are valued.
    2. Inclusion and Recognition-Employees want to be respected and included, known that their work matters and be recognized for their contributions. Involve employees in planning, goal setting and process improvements to help them understand the big picture and where they fit into it.
    3. Growth and advancement Opportunities-Consider offering clear career development paths for employees to follow. Employees who have the opportunity to enhance their skills and see how that growth can lead to new opportunities within the organization are less likely to leave.

According to the NACS State of the Industry Report for 2012, “the average industry turnover rate is currently 77%, with the majority of turnovers occurring within the first 90 days of employment.”

How Do They Do It?

Have you ever thought; “My company will never make Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for?” Think again. Two convenience store chains have been found on the list more than once–both are companies that listen to their employees and take pride in doing so!

QuikTrip ranked #68 in 2017; up from #76 in 2016 and has been on the list a whopping 15 times! They have 779 work sites and a total of 20,460 employees. QuickTrip is best known for low overall turnover. “600 employees have stayed with the retailer for more than 20 years, according to Fortune.” [Continue reading at CSPDailyNews.com].

Sheetz ranked #87 in 2017; up from #97 in 2016 and has been on the list a total of 3 times. They have 544 work sites and a total of 16,079 employees. Sheetz prides itself on employee understanding. In 2016, “Sheetz invested $15 million in raises for store employees and is now turning to offering more full-time positions.” [Continue reading at CSPDailyNews.com]

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