C-Store Money Saving Tips for Spring Break Travel

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My family just returned from an amazing spring break vacation. It was wonderful to get out of the cold and enjoy some sunshine, but the actual travel part of the vacation was (as always) my least favorite part.

I’m all about finding the best ways to save money when traveling, especially when flying. Spending the day an airport (or even two or more) can be extremely long and expensive. Sure, there’s plenty of restaurants to choose from and really nothing else to do, but those restaurants and magazine stands are overpriced (because they can be); it is amazing to see how quickly your vacation funds disappear before you even get to your final destination.

Convenience Store Travel Stock-Up

Heading to your local convenience store a day before you travel is the best piece of advise I have for you! It’s an easy way to stock up on key items without paying those airport prices. I always make sure to get:
  1. Gum. I lost count of the number of times we were about to board a plane and I forgot to buy gum. There is nothing worse than dealing with hurting ears from pressure changes on a vacation, so gum is a must!
  2. Magazines. Take the time to purchase that magazine you have been wanting to read instead of paying more for it when you’re bored at the airport.
  3. Chocolate Treats. Flying and chocolate go hand-in-hand for me. Picking up some candy bars at the c-store save me loads of money! It’s also great to grab a few to stash away for the kids when they get antsy.
  4. Snacks. Airlines are slowly taking away drinks and snacks on planes. Don’t get caught off guard when the airline tells you they have no pretzels to give out – bring your own!
  5. Drink Mixins. Water is free at airports and on airplanes. Save loads of money by purchasing drink mix-ins. From coffee to Crystal Light® to Kool-Aid®, this little extra taste costs cents compared to purchasing bottles in the airport.
Just by purchasing these items before you leave can save you time and money while waiting to take off. Don’t forget to stop at a convenience store before you head to the airport for your return flight, or pack an extra set of goodies in your suitcase to save for that last leg of the trip.
What are your go-to travel secrets? We would love to hear from you!

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