5 Quick Tips: Turn Pump Profits to Foodservice Profits

Quick Tips: Profits

Finding new profit opportunities can be easier said than done sometimes. Make sure that you are reviewing your store statements to determine which areas are thriving or underperforming. One of the best places to pull new customers and increase profits is from pump-only customers. What can you do to pull them into the store and not just pump and go?

“Nearly 40 million Americans fill up their gas tanks on a daily basis, oftentimes searching for a good price and convenient location.” NACS 2017 Retail Fuels Resources

Here are 5 Quick Tips to increase revenue by turning pump-only sales into pump and foodservice sales.

Pump to Foodservice Profit

Signage– Take advantage of outdoor signage opportunities to entertain and entice the customer. Whenever I am pumping gas, I always look around for things to look at and I end up reading signage on top of the pump. Dated and dirty signage is not intriguing. Signage should be clear, clean, relevant and constantly changing.

Social Media– Did you know there is an app for that? Use social media to draw in new customers that might fill-up somewhere else. Talk about new product offerings, sales and specials. Retailers have their own apps, there are apps for finding the cheapest gas prices and general apps (like Facebook or twitter) that can target a larger audience with paid marketing. Read more about Why C-stores Should Have a Mobil App.

Pricing and Incentives– Look over foodservice sales and re-evaluate pricing structures. Loyalty programs and incentives are great for repeat customers; but make sure to utilize signage to share these great programs with new customers. Has your convenience store tapped into combo meals yet? Read more here about Perfecting the Combo Meal in Convenience Stores.

Foodservice Offerings– One of the best ways to increase foodservice sales is to increase your foodservice offerings. Think quality not quantity. One great way to target pump customers is to offer samples outside of the store–check out our blog post: Untapped Potential of Free Samples for C-Stores.

Displays– Half of the work is done, the customer was intrigued enough to come in the door, now you have to win them over with a great looking product and displays. Cases should be clean, organized, tiered or angled or rotating and make sure to properly sign the products to reduce confusion.

What is your secret for increasing customer in-store traffic? We would love to hear from you!

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